Teddy Terror is a 2D Roguelite Horror with your environment as your weapon in an endless Nightmare.

Face a world of terror as a child, trapped in an endless nightmare.

With only his trustworthy Teddy he must survive the nightmarish world!



Passive aggressive playstyle                               


Be swift and escape from the clutches of evil or wait  and eliminate insidious creatures with deadly traps.

Diverse killing possibilities

Lure hellish creatures in to traps, activate traps by throwing your teddybear or find powerful toys to eradicate every monstrosity that may lurk in the depths of the darkness.

Roguelike features

permadeath, randomized loot(items and toys), randomized deadly levels with gruesome enemies and epic sized bosses with endless replayability.

Enter a child's Nightmare and face the horrors with your Teddybear

News: Teddy Terror will be further developed in 2021!

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